Student Productions to See This Year

Art universities are some of the most creative hubs in the world. You have the freshest minds in the industry that want to express their creativity and minds. The usual results of this is a production. Whether we are talking about theater, film or series, students are willing to test out their skills every time they get the chance. There are many universities that encourage the young professionals to be more creative and to really express themselves by working. There are also many student fests in which they can present their work and there are also many big productions that were done solely by students. Watching a student production will definitely bring a fresh taste in every branch of the theater and acting.

Tragic Stories

“Beyond therapy” is an introspective play that aims to make us all think about our lives and the priorities we have. It is produced only by students and it presents the story of a couple that is going to therapy. The road they take is extremely interesting and it presents many moments that are specific for the everyday life and struggles. It is definitely a play worth watching in the fests this year.

“Sans Merci” tells the story of a woman that survived being assaulted and an attempt of murder. She tells her story about sadness, madness and the ability to get over all the bad situations that may occur in our lives. The production was designed by students, and in each scene you can see the fresh minds of the theater students. It is a very hard play to watch due to the sensitive themes, but it is definitely worth watching.

“Medea” is another student production made in Darthmouth. It tells a story with Ancient inspiration about love, betrayal and sorrow. But the fresh student twist can be felt throughout the whole play and word. The actors are also part of the Darthmouth University and this is why it is considered a “home-made” production.

Women’s Struggles

“What every girl should know” is a yet another student production from Darthmouth. The play is fully produced between the university walls and it tells the story of the modern young woman in the 21st century and it tries to give knowledge on the daily struggles for every woman. It is a very nice play but it definitely makes you think about the struggles of being a woman and they can connect to the world.

“Ecipsed” tells the story of a woman surviving the tragedy of war and sorrow. She has to navigate and escape the cruelty of war in order to start a new life and she finally manages to achieve the normalcy. The play is very descriptive about the horror of war and how it affects every single person that it involves.  The story itself is inspired by the journals of regular women going through both world wars. It is heartening to see that the human life can go past everything and flourish.

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