Proper Etiquette When Attending a Play

A play is one of the best things you can do for entertainment on an evening, the theater world is simply amazing, and the creativity found here is beautiful. At a play you can see all sorts of ideas and themes and this is why the theater world is so exciting. The actors put all their soul and passion in making every scene and move perfect and this is why most of the theaters request a certain etiquette in order to respect the work of the actors and directors and in order to prevent the disturbance of the viewers. The theater etiquette is not difficult and most of the rules derive from common sense.

Ticket Code

First of all, be very careful when you buy the tickets. See what the policy of every theater is in order to purchase them while they are still available. Also, if you will not be able to attend the play anymore, you should find out when you can return the ticket. Arguing with the cashier is not a good idea and it is definitely not a part of the theater etiquette.

Dress Code

The dress code is something very important in the theater world. Find out what the dress code for every event is and dress accordingly. There are plays that are very casual and don’t require any special clothing at all while other require black tie for men and an evening dress for women, especially if we are talking about premiers. The hat is a very fancy accessory that should be taken off when entering the theater hall. The reason behind this is that you may be blocking another person’s view with you hat. Hold it on your lap or leave it at the dressing room. The ladies can keep their hats on if they are small and they are rather a hair accessory and are not blocking the view.

In the theater hall it is a bit cold in order to make proper temperature for the actors. Be careful when choosing your clothes because going inside with your outdoor jacket is considered bad taste. Have a blazer with you or dress in order to prevent discomfort during the play.


Children are a very sensitive topic. There are many theaters that ban the entrance of children 7 or smaller for the simple reason that they get bored at an adult play and usually start making noise, especially if they are toddlers. This is why you should double check before bringing your child to a play because you might not be let in.


Cellphones should be switched off, not on silent mode. A lit-up face in the middle of the viewers is a sign of lack of respect and boredom for the actors and this is best to leave it aside. Having a phone ringing in the middle of the play will bring you the hate of the whole audience. Long story short, don’t do something that might be disrespectful toward the actors or the audience.

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