Peter Dinklage: A Story of Resilience

Peter Hayden Dinklage was born on June 11th, 1969, and while most people may actually think he was born and raised in England because of his accent and role in Game of Thrones, he’s actually a Morriston, New Jersey, native.

A couple of years after his birth, his family moved to Mendham Township, New Jersey, and while still young, he claims that he had already found his driving force and passion for acting, but he was vastly insecure and shy because of his condition (achondroplasia). While he tried to ignore bullying and discriminations, Dinklage claims he was always mad, sad, bitter and frustrated because of his condition and how other people looked at him, but he grew up to understand it wasn’t his fault. Either way, he enrolled himself in acting classes and graduated as an actor from the Bennington College all the way to Vermont. Also, he was a passionate musician and even had a band of his own: Whizzy. As a matter of fact, the scar on his face was caused by an on-stage accident while performing in New York. Later on, he’d move to New York City with his buddy Ian Bell in order to find his dream job, either acting at Broadway or at least making it to a tv show. Eventually, they had to settle for creating their very own theatre company, who wasn’t exactly successful, to say the least.

The Big Screen

There, Dinklage would make his debut on the big screen thanks to his appearance in Living in Oblivion (1995), and while he wasn’t nearly half as successful as expected, it paved the way for him to get more roles. Back in 2003, he got a starring role in The Station Agent, a movie that would end up changing his life forever.

Also, that was the time when he finally met the love of his life. Back in 2005, he proposed to the director and actress Erica Schmidt. They had their first child  in 2011 and then a boy in 2017, and while he rather keeping his private life private, he claims to be incredibly happy with the family he’s raised. Dinklage could barely get by with the roles he was getting, so he started working on a company for an 8-hour a day job and a miserable salary until he nailed it with an off-Broadway company and started making a name for himself.

Game of Thrones

Fast forward several years and different roles until Dinklage finally became an acting legend, thanks to HBO’s massively successful show Game of Thrones (2011), based on George RR Martin’s best-seller. Dinklage was in charge of playing Tyrion Lannister, a wise libertine guy that was often discriminated by being a “midget” among men, but whose brains made it one of the most valuable people in all the seven kingdoms.

Thanks to his remarkable acting, Dinklage became a legend, winning a Golden Globe and a couple of Emmys, and helping him win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people by also being a living example of resilience.

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