Musical Groups in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is known for its intense musical heritage and is one of the European countries with its own legendary folktale music style. There are various concert groups in Bulgaria, but we bring to you two of the most prominent musical groups that you would love to attend their concerts whenever you touch down Bulgaria.

The Bistritsa Babi Group

Bulgaria is famous for their folktale music and one of the music groups that persons this legendary music is the Bistritsa Baba, this iconic musical group was founded in over half a century ago. The music group consists of 9 women, who are third generation singers which sing in two groups: the lead singers and the backup singers. They performed old songs of the past and have a record of over 300 songs. Most of these songs are difficult to perform and require great style and customers to effectively portray its historical value.

The Bistritsa Babi music group is very ancient and has been preserved right from the time of the pre-Christian age. Musical specialists have described its style as a unique polyphony of three voices. Polyphony is an ancient style of singing where a typical melody is preserved and passed down from ages to ages. This melody is a distinct characteristic and cannot be found in any other music group. The upper voice is called the “okane” and is performed by one woman from each group. The second melody sang by the other two women is the “buchat pravo” while the final melody is tuned by the last two women “buchat krivo”. The Bistritsa Babi performs not just for entertainment but for rituals and labour activities.

The Gusla Musical Society

Varna is one of the biggest Bulgarian resort and port city lying on the coasts of the black sea. The city was once a former Greek colony of Adesso. The city hosts thousands of tourists and visitors because of its profound operatic activities. The opera Varna concert group holds major opera and music concert displays and is one of the best in north-east Bulgaria. One of the first performances held by this group is the opera scenes that started during the inception of the St. Micheal choir in 1893 and the performance. At that time, plans were put in place to setup a permanent theatre for the group, and around 1924 to 1935, musical festivals in Bulgaria become organized and were performed in a more appealing manner.

The Gusla musical society was formed with the end of the revolutions of the socialists in 1944 when Varna housed the Lyoto Varnensko (Varna Summer). The Varna summer and the international musical concert was formed to bring together budding musical groups in Varna. 1946 gave birth to the symphony orchestra and the Narodno Varnenska opera came up in 1947, this opera was mainly performed in the Bulagarian national theatre. The music group has grown to become of the favourite musical exports from Bulgaria, performing in various concerts around the world.

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