How to Make it As a Stage Actor in Europe

Making it as a stage actor or actress in Europe is considered a huge accomplishment for many. Though you might face challenges at first, due diligence, commitment, and perseverance can see you getting to limelight in no time. Even though they may have followed different paths and overcome different hurdles, pros that appear on top stages across Europe share some common experiences that an aspiring stage actor or actress can use. Banking on their experiences, here is a guide to making it as a stage actor in Europe.

Learn and Train Hard

There are prodigies, even in the acting and stage performance niche, and you might be one of them. While that alone can give you a good head start, taking some acting classes can see you climbing to the top in a short time. You get to learn and perfect necessary skills like comfortably standing and performing before large crowds of strangers as well as embodying and conveying someone else’s ideas. Adding some voice training, music and dance classes and other related or seemingly unrelated acts to your acting lessons can make you better placed to cease acting opportunities. In Betty Buckley’s words, “Study, study, study. Practice, practice, practice.” Acting lessons also afford you some formal training which you can list on your resume when applying for acting roles.

Watch and Learn

The skill you’ll need for that next acting role might just be learned at the stage performance you watch tonight. Visit as many theaters as you can to see shows, whether they are related to your niche or not. Watch and associate with the stars and you may soon become one.

Create a Network

The acting scene is where connections can take you to limelight faster than on your own two feet. Give each role your best, maintain a cordial work relationship with people and work hard. Be open to opportunities and suggestions.

Looks are Important

As a stage actor in Europe, a few things count more than your looks and aura. They form part of your first impression and present as an actor. When you look and feel good people will just love being around you without knowing exactly why. So, hit the gym – or the road – to get in the best shape. Pay special attention to your skin. Invest in smart and beautiful clothing and shoes. Always smell good and maintain a confident gait.

Learn to Move On

Don’t hesitate to turn up for auditions, but be ready to accept some rejections too. After weeks and months of preparing for an audition, your role might be given to a more experienced stage actor or someone just a bit taller/darker/with an accent. Don’t be discouraged. Prepare harder for the next audition. And if rejected again, shake it off and move on to the next until you land your first role. According to Paul Roseby, “The learning point is rejection. You have to learn the art of rejection as well as acceptance”.

Market Yourself

Spend more time marketing yourself as that’s the only way to make it to the top stages in Europe. Seize every opportunity to perform in front of people. Put your soul into playing a role and practice your lines until they become a part of you. Welcome and learn from criticism.

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