Best Plays In The West End, London

London is known for its theaters, showrooms and indoor musical events. Some of the best stage performances happen in London every week, and you will never be bored during the weekends as there are plenty amazing shows to attend. Come on board as we explore the best West End theatre shows in London. This show features a variety of entertaining picks from some of the best London musicals to children’s theater shows. One thing is sure; there is something you will love to see here.

The Book of Mormon

‘South Park’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Broadway-munching musical continue to marvel in London. Although the fact is knowledgeable, the strapping younger Latter Day Saints missionaries are as cartoonish as any ‘South Park’ man or woman, with the endearing alpha-male woodenness of the ‘Team America’ puppets. In specific phrases, they may be lovable, well-intentioned idiots, traversing the globe like corporations of pious meerkats, satisfied they can convert the heathen via sheer politeness.

Matilda the Musical

You will love to see this show, and if you are in London with your kids, you can bring them along too. This show is one of the scintillating children musical shows of the West end and has some of the best musical stage performances. The show is definitely for kiddies, but you can tag your family along and have a good time. The show has been around for a while now and has not stopped thrilling fans with new performances every time.

Catherine Suleiman

“Tory Boyz” is not just dramatic; the show has some of the best poetic stances ever to be displayed in a theater. The show has a significant impact on the life and cultures of young people living in England and has had so much wealth of knowledge for anyone that will be keen to follow it to the end. The first few stages are pretty challenging to understand, the excellent display of politics, social disarray, debates and disagreements in the house of common about particular issues of life is sure to throw you off balance. But if you follow closely, the beauty of the show will slowly be revealed.

The play is not just exciting; it is active, funny, educative and sexually titillating. You will enjoy scenes upon scenes of pure fiction that portrays the life and travails of the ordinary youth in England. The casts are good at what they do, at the first few scenes, you will be surprised how these young acts are showing off so many promising talents that speaks volume of the bright future that lies ahead for the theater industry in England.

The show “Tory Boyz” will enlighten you more about the glamorous world of theatre and act in a way that will keep you on your toes. After watching this show, you will be back to the national youth theater for more amazing shows. So when next you want to see some shows in the west end, you can check out this list and see some of the show here. One thing is sure; you are going to have a good time.

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