Arthur Miller: The Greatest Playwright Of The 20th Century

You may be wondering why someone who is so tight, anti-social and barely funny will make the cut as the best playwriter of the 20th century.but it will be unfair to judge a talent by its shortcomings. Arthur Miller, an American jewish playwright is one of the greatest artists to roam the face of the earth. His intense writing style was too good, his pays will leave you feeling upbeat and depressed at the same time. He has a way of playing with the minds of his audience.sometimes he will be cynical, most times his plays are though-provoking and suicidal.

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

Well, it certainly isn’t for the way he styled his hair or cooked chops that have led me to take this rather disturbing career move, but I, however, feel the need, every once in a while to take a stand and point out some of the stranger sides of my sobriety. Arthur Miller may forever roam the minds of the average individual as that geeky, bespectacled guy who, under some pretense, married one of the most beautiful women of our time. Although he was, very briefly Mr. Marilyn Monroe, their five-year marriage has left a giant dent in the history of modern times. We should then, with this episode, begin to understand the fickleness of humanity and the ‘swoop for a scoop’ behavior of the press.

Just when we thought we could die in the contented knowledge that we once belonged to a race of superior and intellectually designed species, think again. All we will remember of a great playwright and author is that he got to share a bed with the stunning, yet, troubled actress. Steadily, he continued to work throughout his life and almost up to the point of his death last year. He married again, for the third time, in 1962, the same year in which Marilyn died, but was made a widower in 2002.

His work has carried on his crusade of indulging heavy drama and human conquests and failings. He had made a lifelong career in asking questions about the human existence – the struggles of the mind, the body and the reasoning with one’s self and one’s beliefs. Hence play causally followed play every couple of years until he couldn’t resist another little stab in his last play, ‘Finishing The Picture,’ in 2004, about the making of ‘The Misfits’.

The Greatest Playwright Of The 20th Century

He had been awarded, celebrated and admired, yet, on the other hand, he had been trodden, accused, and name smeared with political leftness and contempt, yet still, he is distinguishable the most influential and psychologically demanding author of his time. He will, undoubted, be remembered for many years to come in the same vein as we remember Shakespeare. His thought-provoking legacy will be a man who conjured up stories out of social change, human paranoia and physical indifference between religions and political beliefs. He tampered with our souls, our integrity even though we didn’t ask him to. He made us depressed, neurotic and alone through his intensely disturbing and confusing techniques. A master and will always remain so.

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