All About William Shakespeare

“Give thy to every man but few thy voice.”

One of Shakespeare’s famous quotes. People quote him all the time, sometimes not even knowing that Shakespeare himself was the one who wrote it. But is that all we can say about this man? That he wrote famous quotes?

He was a man of many talents and one of the most influential men in all of human civilization. A master writer, actor, poet, and quite a good business man. Everything he has written, has had a profound effect on English literature, inspiring many different kinds of artists out there to create their own masterpieces. Though his work is known worldwide, his life is quite mysterious, as there hasn’t been much discovered on it.

There have been so many conspiracies on William Shakespeare which can be entertaining. Such as whether he actually wrote his plays or not due to the level of passion and intellectuality they contained. Mainly because, he did not have a higher education. We all know it’s ridiculous to speculate such a conclusion because of this fact. However, many other artists during Shakespeare’s time didn’t have much of an education and they became as equally as successful. Example, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, who dropped out of school in the seventh grade yet, he became the king of suspense. So, people, sometimes it isn’t all about our certificates or diplomas. All we need is some passion.

And why did he become so successful or important? Shakespeare had a unique way of writing. In a rare way, he understood human imperfections and weaknesses. He was able to summarize human emotions in an elegant, simple yet profound way. So even back then, people found his work not just entertaining, but relatable. And his work can still be related to despite the fact it was written so long ago. His work has had an enduring success because of this. Most of his work involves tragedy and betrayal.

He is mainly known for Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth. And his work has been played and published for over 400 years now. Yet, his life is quite mysterious. We know he was married to Anne Hathaway, and there are records of him having children, twins actually, who one of them later died at the age of eleven. And we also know that there are no records of seven years of his life after his children were born. And of course, there are many conspiracies to where he might have gone during this period or what he could have been doing. Some say he was hiding from his landlord, Sir Thomas Lucy. Others say that he was off in Lancashire working as in assistant schoolmaster. No one really knows. And on April 23rd, 1616, he died, leaving very little inheritance to his wife. Naturally, this also leads to some curious speculations, such as whether this couple was actually close or not.

Sad to know that the little evidence there is on Shakespeare’s personal life is in forms of documents and records. But, nonetheless, he will always be appreciated through his many forms of art work. And even though we cannot say much about him, there is no harm in researching him, and making our own conspiracies. Studying his work and trying to get to know the mysterious man we all love.

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