4 Great Theatres for Awesome Movie Experience in Bulgaria

Are you in Bulgaria and you are looking for a great movie theatre to see that new movie you have been waiting patiently for its release? Grab a seat and join us as we bring to you 4 great places you can see a movie in Bulgaria.

The Royal Cinema Mezdra

If you are a lover of fun and games, then you should not fail to visit the Royal Cinema in Mezdra whenever you step in Bulgaria. This movie and games theatre is located at the city of Mezdra, and as the name implies is designed with a touch of royalty. There is so much fun for lovers of academic and other kinds of games too. The movie theatre is found in the centre of the city and screens new movies from Europe, Hollywood and other industries in 3D and 2D. the arena is also fun filled with so many other side attractions. The staffs there too are customer friendly and will guide you properly as a tourist.

The Dom Na Kinoto Movie Theatre, Sofia

If you enjoy documentaries, non-traditional films and concerts then you should visit The Dim Na Kinoto movie Theatre Sofia. The theatre room shows a variety of documentaries, non-traditional movies, and various concerts all year round. They recently carried out renovations and have now expanded the space. The cinema has a great coffee spot for refreshment downstairs and also has spaces for tourists to go around and have a nice time. There is an exhibition space at the cinema showing works of art and photography from various parts of the world. Whenever you visit Bulgaria and want to have a nice time watching your favourite documentary, you should ensure to visit this cinema.

The Cinema House, Sofia

If you plan on visiting the great city of Sofia, then you must not fail to stop by at the cinema house. The cinema house is not really a typical classic cinema that just shows traditional movies, you will get to see your favourite movies, take part in festivals and other fun-filled events in this great movie theatre. With various screens and showrooms, you will enjoy watching your movie in a clear high definition screen. The theatre also incorporates other fundraising and support events to engage tourists and visitors in activities that will help increase their knowledge and broaden their views about different areas of life.

Kinomania Movie Theater, Sofia

Another great movie venue that can be found in Bulgaria is the Kinomania movie theatre in Sofia. This venue shows a variety of new movies all year round. From classical to European and Hollywood films, the Kinomania is bound to satisfy your visual thirst. The theatre is located in Sofia and is built with a grandiose architectural design that will bring down your spirit for the movie to lift them up when you are done watching.

So, when next you are in Bulgaria on a visit or vacation, dig up this list for a great movie experience. The above four movie theatres are sure to satisfy you with its wide range of movies, you will also have a good time exploring other fun facilities within them.

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